The philosophy of this method is that “a finance point of view” is only one factor. Khell believes that missing an opportunity to run a business based on a single factor requires some reconsideration. So, we analyze and study many other factors (non-financial) VSTLive allows Knell’s ideas to grow while sharing incomes and budget based on annual analysis, finance report, social impact, and on other benefits to the consumer.

About the founder – Bishara Khell

VSTLive LTD was established in 2017 by Bishara Khell (a software architect and music composer). It is defined to become the legal entity that covers his startups, brands, and services in numerus eras (art and technology).

The operational coast of each startup is managed independently and based on its own annual budget. From the other hand, incomes from all startups are shared in VSTLive.