Music Production

Khell Studios

Bishara Khell was born in 1968 to a musical family. He began studying the piano at an early age, and a few years later took up the violin. In 1987, he joined the Jerusalem Academy of Music where he studied music composition and wrote several trios, quartets and orchestral works.

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Music Publishing


TINUTU is a publishing administration project established by Emil Khell, aimed at guiding artists on how to meet the international standards set in the digital world of music. TINUTU’s mission to free artists from the hassles of digital music publishing complexities, PRO setups, and potential copyright challenges. We want Artists to concentrate solely on making music, without

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VST Plugin


Performance qualities are decisions that are taken by the performer. Such decisions are influenced by the qualities of a particular instrument and the characteristics of the person playing it, along with several other factors.

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R&D Services

AltDoIt R&D @ VSTLive

AltDoIt Offers complete and comprehensive software solutions for companies looking to outsource their projects, from assisting startup companies with their enterprise to providing them with finalized products, all while adhering to industry standards and development process.

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